Voyaging Intersectionality

To even build a comprehensive picture of intersectionality, we first need to understand how it functions within the domain of power and powerlessness, how it works within the day-to-day politics of everyday life and from there crystallizes in often unfruitful but sometimes productive policy formulation. This piece employs the recent policy proposition to subcategorize trans-individuals under the 'Other Backward Classes' category; as an example to shed light on the need for a comprehensive understanding of intersectional approaches in policy formulation.

2022-09-05T09:34:40+05:30September 5th, 2022|Human Rights, Psychology|0 Comments

Stories of Indigenous Resilience

For an indigenous community, a cultural practice is a homogeneous identity; It is an heirloom handed down from generation to generation, a legacy of the collective self. Sadly though, Vulnerability (or words synonymous with it) has been the single most used term, particularly when describing the people that belong to the indigenous community. This kitschy mix has stirred the world at large to disregard the resilience, intellect, and dignity the indigenous tribe justly personifies as well.

2021-07-17T17:41:59+05:30July 16th, 2021|Psychology|0 Comments

Covid-19 Announcement

We have adapted all our service offerings to an online/ electronic platform; in line with the social distancing requirements of Covid-19.

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